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Flexi Gingerbread Man/Woman Ornament - 3D Printed Holiday Delight!

Flexi Gingerbread Man/Woman Ornament - 3D Printed Holiday Delight!

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🍪✨ Add a sprinkle of holiday magic to your decor with our Flexi Gingerbread Man/Woman Ornament! Measuring 80mm x 100mm x 10mm, it's perfectly sized to make a statement without overwhelming your display.

**Key Features:**
- Crafted with precision through cutting-edge 3D printing technology.
- Designed to effortlessly accommodate a wire ornament hanger for easy display.
- Available in three stunning options: single color, dual color, or full multicolor - choose the one that suits your festive style!

- Height: 100mm
- Width: 80mm
- Thickness: 10mm

- Single Color: Classic charm in one vibrant hue.
- Dual Color: A bit more classic look with the brown and white.
- Full Multicolor: A burst of colors for a truly festive experience.

Elevate your holiday celebrations with this intricately designed ornament, a testament to our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Spread the joy and order yours today!

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