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Jase's Divine Wonders

GM Screen 2.0 Accesories

GM Screen 2.0 Accesories

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Upgrade your tabletop RPG setup with our line of GM Screen 2.0 Accessories. Designed to complement your GM screen, these accessories add functionality, organization, and a touch of flair to your gaming sessions. 

Initiative Trackers Set:

Stay on top of combat with our set of 16 initiative trackers. Includes trackers for 13 classes, 1 boss, 1 enemy, and 1 blank for your customization. Keep the flow of battle smooth and dynamic.

 Initiative Tracker Blank:

Stay on top of combat with 1 blank for your customization. Keep the flow of battle smooth and dynamic.

Flat Shelves:

Perfect for holding minis and additional accessories.


Ideal for storing dice and other items that tend to roll away during gameplay.

Citadel Paint Shelves:

For the miniature painting enthusiast, these shelves turn your GM screen into a dedicated paint palace. Keep your paints organized and within reach, enhancing your painting experience while adding a creative touch to your gaming space. 2 spot and 5 spot

 Accessory Box:

Need a tidy storage solution for your extra accessories? The accessory box is the perfect size to neatly store initiative trackers, magnets, and other add-ons when not in use.

 Dragon Magnets:

Elevate your paper notes off the table in style with our dragon magnets. A perfect blend of functionality and fantasy flair, these magnets add a touch of magic to your gaming environment. 

Round Magnet:

Keep your tabletop organized with our round magnet. Versatile and practical, it's an excellent addition for securing notes and other essential documents during your gaming sessions.


Create a dedicated space for your pens, pencils, and paintbrushes with our cup accessory. Stay organized and have your essential tools within arm's reach.
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