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Jase's Divine Wonders

Goggles of Night

Goggles of Night

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The Goggles of Night! This is for the party member that cannot see so well at night due to a lack of darkvision. This item comes to you ready to be painted and customized, and includes a card with its stats, for easy tracking and reminding your players to use those magic items they've hoarded in the Bag of Holding! A perfect choice for your party members that lack darkvision!

This can be printed in PLA or Resin. Resin has more details but it is much more fragile. PLA will have a bit fewer details but will be stronger and lighter.
(The example shown is a raw FDM version, Shipped items will be a random color in most cases)

Approx. Size: 6 Inches (~16 cm) and weighs 1 oz

Items are sent to you unpainted and unprimed and are fully assembled and carefully packed.

Created by The Printing Goes Ever On and part of their Puzzles and Props campaign.
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