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Medieval Jedi lightsaber 

Medieval Jedi lightsaber 

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Unleash the force within you with this meticulously crafted, 3D printed medieval Jedi lightsaber. A true collector’s piece, this lightsaber is not only a symbol of the guardians of peace in the galaxy but also a testament to the artistry of ancient craftsmanship.


  • Jedi Crest: The iconic Jedi crest is emblazoned on the cross guard, signifying your allegiance to the noble order.
  • Glowing Green Blade: The blade, a vibrant green, is designed to glow under black light and in the dark, ensuring that you stand out in any battle or dimly lit corridor of a starship.
  • Reinforced Durability: At its core, the lightsaber is reinforced with steel, providing a sturdy and weighty feel, perfect for display or the most cosplay. (not intended for contact combat)
  • Medieval Design: The hilt features intricate designs reminiscent of ancient swords, blending the old world with the far-off galaxy.

Whether you’re a cosplayer seeking the perfect accessory for your next convention, a collector looking for a standout piece, or a fan wanting to bring a bit of the galaxy to your home, this medieval Jedi lightsaber is sure to impress.

Please Note: This lightsaber is a fan-made replica and is not affiliated with any official merchandise.

Embrace the legacy of the Jedi—order yours today!

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