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Medieval Sith Lightsaber

Medieval Sith Lightsaber

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Embrace the power of the dark side with this formidable, 3D printed medieval Sith lightsaber. Crafted for those who dare to walk the path of the Sith, this lightsaber is a beacon of strength and intimidation.


  • Imposing All-Black Hilt: The hilt boasts an all-black design, symbolizing the absolute power and authority of the Sith.
  • Glowing Red Blade with Orange Hue: The red blade, synonymous with the Sith, not only glows under black light but also casts a vibrant orange hue in the dark, capturing the fiery essence of the dark side.
  • Reinforced with a Steel Core: While perfect for cosplay or display, the lightsaber is reinforced with a steel core, ensuring it feels as real as it looks.
  • Medieval Aesthetics: The hilt is adorned with details that harken back to the medieval era, merging the ancient with the intergalactic.

Ideal for cosplayers seeking to embody the essence of the Sith, collectors looking for a unique addition to their arsenal, or fans who wish to own a piece of the dark side, this medieval Sith lightsaber is a masterpiece of dark elegance.

Please Note: This lightsaber is a fan-made replica designed for display purposes and is not intended for contact combat. It is not affiliated with any official merchandise.

Claim your destiny and order this symbol of Sith power today!

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