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Medieval Wall Torch

Medieval Wall Torch

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Introducing our 3D Printed Light-Up Medieval Wall Torch – the perfect addition to enhance your tabletop RPG or LARP experience! Immerse yourself in the ambiance of medieval fantasy with this LED Flame Light Wall Torch, standing proudly at approximately 20 inches tall.

 Key Features:

 - Realistic Flame Effect: The LED flame light replicates the flickering glow of a torch, powered by an internal USB rechargeable battery bank.

- Flame Effect with USB Cord: This has the Flame LED and a 10' USB cable for use when plugged in. Not as portable but can be used as a wall lamp.

- LED Fairy Lights: The Fairy lights allow for a solid light allowing for a more consistent light.

- No Lights: Allows for your own lighting solution.

 - Easy Installation: The included wall mount ensures a hassle-free setup. Simply screw it into the wall, and you're ready to go. The best part? The torch and mount are designed for easy removal, giving you flexibility in positioning and storage.

 - Durable 3D Printing: Crafted with precision using high-quality 3D printing technology, this wall torch boasts both durability and intricate detailing. It's not just a prop; it's a piece of art.

 - Versatile Design: Whether you're deep into a medieval quest or exploring fantastical realms, our wall torch fits seamlessly into various tabletop RPG and LARP settings. Elevate your gaming environment with this eye-catching accessory.


 - Height: Approximately 20 inches

- LED Flame Light: Creates a realistic torch flame effect

- Wall Mount: Easy to install and removable

- Material: High-quality 3D printed material for durability and detail

 Perfect for:

 - Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

- Pathfinder

- LARP (Live Action Role-Playing)

- Fantasy-themed board games

- Collectors of medieval-inspired decor

 Transform your gaming space into a realm of magic and mystery with our 3D Printed Light-Up Medieval Wall Torch. Elevate your storytelling, captivate your players, and make your tabletop adventures unforgettable!

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