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Mythic Roll Mage's Book Spell Counter with Drawer

Mythic Roll Mage's Book Spell Counter with Drawer

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Description: Immerse yourself in the arcane world with our meticulously crafted Mage's Book 3D Printed Spell Counter. This enchanting piece combines form and function, providing a captivating addition to your mystical endeavors.


  • Intricate Design: Every detail of this spell counter is inspired by the wisdom-filled pages of a mage's ancient book, bringing an air of authenticity to your magical pursuits.

  • Convenient Drawer: The base conceals a hidden drawer, specially designed to hold your spell pegs securely. This thoughtful addition ensures your counters remain organized and within easy reach.

  • Premium 3D Printing: Crafted using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, this spell counter boasts precision and durability. Each layer of plastic is carefully placed, resulting in a seamless, high-quality finish.


  • Height: 5.64 cm
  • Width: 12.95 cm
  • Depth: 8 cm

Note from the Creator: Please be aware that, due to the nature of 3D printing, there may be minor imperfections or subtle texture variations. Rest assured, every effort has been made to deliver a product that meets our high standards of quality.

Enhance Your Magical Endeavors: Whether you're deep in study or engaged in epic battles, our Mage's Book Spell Counter is designed to elevate your experience. Add a touch of mystique to your collection and keep your spells at your fingertips.

Unleash the power of organization with this extraordinary spell counter. Order yours today and let the magic flow

  • Licensed under Mythic Roll Merchant Agreement
    • License #: J112W

Note from the Creator: Crafted with passion and precision, our 3D printed dice towers are a labor of love. Each layer is carefully laid to ensure exceptional quality, though slight variations may occur. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

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