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Jase's Divine Wonders

Roc Feather

Roc Feather

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Primary color
This magically enhanced feather is said to originate from a benevolent Roc. While you clutch it in your fist, you feel unusually light on your feet.

This can be printed in PLA or Resin. Resin has more details but it is much more fragile (Resin only available in gray and primed) . PLA will have a bit fewer details but will be stronger and lighter.
(The example shown is a raw FDM version)

Approx. Size: 6 Inches (~16 cm) and weighs 1 oz

Items are sent to you unpainted and unprimed and are fully assembled and carefully packed.

Created by The Printing Goes Ever On and part of their Puzzles and Props campaign.
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