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The Librarian's Enchanted Tome - Commander Case

The Librarian's Enchanted Tome - Commander Case

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Store your cards, dice and/or tokens in this amazingly customizable carrying case! Four magnets (included) hold the tome securely shut when not in use. This tome is approximately 146 mm wide by 169 mm tall by 100 mm thick. (Some designs are a little thicker than others due to cover details.) The tray inserts have a total dimension of 104 x 152 x 77mm. To give a sense of scale, those that have deck spaces are suitable for standard-sized playing cards in stacks of up to 100(sleeved).

Tome will include the desired tray. Other trays can be purchased separately.

There are literally thousands of possible variations. Please see the images in order to understand each option.

This tome also calls for two round emblems and one side (oval) emblem.
Please tell us your choices in the personalization.

**** Please note that 3D printed items are made by adding very thin layers of plastic, one layer at a time. Slight imperfections/rough edges are expected, but I work hard to avoid them. All items are made to order, so please be patient as I work hard to give you a quality product. Thank You!

Please note that this model was created by Jason Wade (, for which we are a licensed merchant. Merchant number: MN823
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